The Journey – Part Two

Newark to San José

Following my exposure at the hands of the TSA and their body scanner I was in need of a sit down and something to eat. Apparently the next flight of five and a half hours did not supply food unless we wanted to pay for it. I’ve never had to pay for food before – have I led a sheltered life flying with other airlines or is this an American thing?

We deciding that freshly prepared airport terminal food would probably taste better than pre-prepared food on the plane so ML and I decided to find somewhere to eat.

After walking through the terminal we chose a restaurant from the multitude available and waited to be seated, wasn’t impressed with the first place they wanted to put us which was by the entrance –so got them to move us. We were then faced with the iPad menu, first for us and by the puzzled faces around us also to many other people. ML and I class ourselves as fairly tech savvy but we were both feeling a bit punch drunk from tiredness but ML with assistance from a helpful employee  managed to order food and IMG_2503 (1024x1024)drink for us both and pay. Somewhat strangely our starter and main course arrived at the same time. Despite questioning this practice and receiving a shrugged shoulder the main course sat on the table getting cooler by the moment. We would probably have sent the main course back if we’d been firing on all cylinders but tiredness won out and we just accepted it.

Apparently Terminal C has had a $120 million refit and there are 6000 iPads in the 55 restaurants according to Bloomberg Business. Is it just me is it easier to look at a piece of paper and point when your mind has ceased functioning.

IMG_2505 (1024x1024)What we did manage to do when we were eating was talk about how much we had both enjoyed seeing the New York skyline as we flew in. We were able to identify the Empire State Building, One World Trade Centre Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and then the Hudson River. We keep promising ourselves a visit but we never seem to have the time but it is very near the top of the list of places I want to visit.

We headed off to our gate only to find the one printed on the boarding pass was incorrect and we needed to head off to a different part of the terminal. Just about par for the course.

Once on board our next plane we sat at the end on the runway for ages before we took off, the wait was enlightened by the two flight crew who were sat opposite us. I shan’t go into too many details but suffice to say I learnt more than I should about her fiance’s ex-wife’s affairs and her battle with prescription drugs. I was somewhat disappointed when she moved on to a recipe she was going to cook when she got home.

IMG 2014The flight passed me by, I think I spaced out but not surprising as I was now descending into the twilight zone of the sleep deprived. After US Immigration, Costa Rican immigration seemed very quick and our luggage was on the belt so we headed towards the entrance and relief for ML who once again was in dire need of polluting his lungs and the atmosphere, disappointment ensued as large no smoking signs were plastered to the outside wall.

Where and who our driver was we didn’t know but due to ML’s eagle eyes he caught sight of our name on a board held up as we exited. We were led out to the front of the airport and left by a bench, now correct me if I am wrong but at this point when the IMG_2504 (1024x811)driver left us you would expect him back within 5 – 10 minutes with a car. No such luck, three-quarters of an hour later he shows up with two woman and parks them by the bench and disappears again. When I saw hundreds of balls rolling and bouncing past me like the Sony Bravia Advert advert I think I was so sleep deprived I was either dreaming while still awake or hallucinating. Suffice to say the sight of the driver plus minibus made my cheer (internally as I hadn’t the energy for anything else).

Of course you’ve guessed there was a problem, the name of the hotel on the mini bus did not match the name of the hotel of the reservation confirmation we had been sent by ML’s company. As we weren’t going to stay on the bench we climbed aboard fingers crossed there would be a room waiting for us at the end of the journey. A room, a very large soft bed and silence awaited us both, a very quick shower and we both headed for a good night’s sleep despite the early hour. It took a little while to drift off but once there I stayed until ML woke me in the morning ready for our early start on the next stage of our journey.

I wish I could view flying with the same sentiments as the quote below, it has been attributed to Leonardo da Vinci though this is disputed but whoever said it, wasn’t on the same track as me. I have always seen flying as a means to an end and if ever they sort out how to make Star Trek’s Transporter a reality I will be at the front of the queue.

IMG_2506 (1024x683)


‘When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.’


To be continued.

Living in Costa Rica

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