Moving Day

We were supposed to be moving on the Sunday when I would have ML for the whole day to lug stuff around and generally get us settled in quicker. When we woke up on Saturday we decided that we really were fed up with staying at the hotel lovely as everyone was, so we decided on the spur of the moment to pack up all our belongings into the car.

How is it in the short time that we have been in the hotel we have accumulated so much stuff, I know we had quite a bit with us when we arrived but it seem s to have expanded. Rather like when you take a quilt out of its vacuum packed wrapping and it suddenly doubles in size.

suitcasesIt’s a good job that we have a very large SUV as we packed into it 3 large suitcases, 2 heavy camera bags, 2 flight bags an iron and ironing board, three bags of food and all of our clothes on their hangers. Just slightly more than we arrived with, in fact as a wandered down the path of the hotel weighed down by bags I could have been mistaken for a bag lady

We both thought breakfast would be a good idea so to set us up for the coming day, it also gave us a chance to say goodbye to the staff who we have really got to know well why we have stayed there. We both had an Americano Breakfast which in effect is sausage, bacon, eggs and toast with a cup of coffee.

While we were waiting for our food ML contacted Boris to say we would be moving in that morning and he agreed to meet us at the gates at 9.30 am. It wasn’t until much later in the day I suddenly thought that we may have thrown him into a bit of a tizzy at the change of date. But everything was set up when we got there so if he had needed to get anything done he managed it in the very short time frame we gave him.

We said our goodbyes to the staff even though ML will be visiting each morning as some of the single guys that have come to work here from Guanacaste are staying at the hotel. They use the dining room as an office, get together at the beginning and end of the day, and drink copious quantities of coffee

Boris was stood at the gates waiting for us, we hadn’t been able to come in this entrance when we came and viewed the house as a few days previously there had been torrential rain on and off for days. The force of the water coming of the hills into the stream was so strong along with the bits of tree it brought with it. Not sure if it was the force of the water, the lumps of tree or a combination of both which damaged one of the two small bridge across the stream into site.

We followed him up to the house and the first thing we learnt was that you couldn’t open the sliding patio doors at the front of the house with the key, but you could from the inside by lifting the locking switch. Once inside it looked bigger and emptier than I remembered it but I soon realised that all of the patio furniture had been piled up in the dining room and that accounted for the extra floor space.

The new A/C was in the lounge as we requested but when I went into the master bedroom there was no A/C to be seen, when questioned Boris said the owners had not wanted one in there. I will not repeat what went through my mind but if my mother had been able to hear it I would have been saying hello to some soap and water.


We had two options leave and go back to the hotel and start the process all over again, but there were no other houses locally to rent. Or make the best of the situation and move in, it rather took the shine of the day. Boris beat a hasty retreat at this point saying if we wanted him come and find him but that we wouldn’t see much of him unless he was picking the fruit of the three Noni trees at the back of the house.

Your-ears-are-burningTo say I was cross with the owners didn’t really describe how I was feeling, we had paid half the supposed costs of the installation of two A/Cs. On further investigation we found they had replaced one of their old units in one of the other bedrooms with the master bed A/C. When we looked in the master bedroom it was to find  that the drawers and wardrobes were filled with their things.

It appears they had no intentions of us ever using the master bedroom and its en-suite, by now I was in foul mood and ML was trying to calm me down. Maybe things are different in Costa Rica but as far as I was concerned the company was renting the whole house not 2/3rd of it. I really hate being taken advantage of and if the American owners didn’t have very red ears they should have had.

So we emptied the car and had another look round, the house is full of knick-knacks, every surface and shelf is covered with bits and pieces each nestled on a crocheted or shaped doily. I was drowning in kitsch, something had to go and it wasn’t going to be me. For now we put everything away and headed to the supermarket for some food and essentials like toilet roll and cleaning products.

IMG_1002MaxiPali was absolutely seething, we didn’t know where anything was and so we set off down the Christmas aisle. I’m sure this aisle will change but at the moment it was a nice sparkly welcome to a shopping trip. It was a frustrating trip as I couldn’t find everything I wanted but probably had more to my internal grumblings which hadn’t yet quietened down.

The checkout process was horrendous we queued for what seemed like forever, boiling hot – the building is not sealed the top part has mesh screens which allow the outside air in and if that wasn’t enough the entrance which was huge is also wide open to the elements. Next to each till is a suspended fan, it is a welcome relief but not very effective.

IMG_2642Nobody packs their own shopping here so not only does the cashier scan everything but after the person has paid she then has to pack everything. ML was beginning to emit grumbly noises like a bad-tempered bear – queuing and supermarket queues in particular are a pet hate of his. I gave him a hug and told him it wouldn’t be long (fingers crossed) before it was our turn.

Unlike the UK you can have as many plastic carrier bags as you like but like good little people we chose to buy some ‘Bags for Life’ or whatever they are called here and much to the amazement of the cashier and queue we packed our own shopping and were through really quickly despite having a full trolley.

I rather like the slogan on the bag ‘I Make the Planet a Better Place’.

Maybe we will start a new trend, or maybe the Ticos (what the Costa Ricans call themselves) here have such a laid back attitude they really don’t want to be fussed and are happy to wait.

Living in Costa Rica

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